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Restlessness and discontent are the
first necessities for progress.

~ Thomas Edison...


What is Forward Momentum?

  • Moving ahead in your life in the right direction.               
  • Your unique approach to your work and relationships.     
  • Your own pace, your own life, your own success.            


Some live their life in a fur-lined rut. People know what to expect from you and you know what to expect. You could live this way for years. Life is comfortable, life is predictable, life is routine.

But, you have a feeling that it could be different... it could be easier... it could be simpler...it could be more joyous ... it could be ... better.

The restlessness and discontent never seems to go away no matter how much you indulge yourself or deprive yourself. More things and more trips are not going to fill that gap. It's like living a fast food life, your stomach is full, but your soul is starving.

There comes a time when one asks, even of
Shakespeare, even of Beethoven, is this all?
~ Aldous Huxley

Forward Momentum, LLC helps you move forward! No matter where you begin, there is always someplace or something to move toward. Picture yourself standing at the bottom of a ladder staring at the top rung. It seems so far and impossible to reach, but you can reach the first rung.

Having a coach will make each step more deliberate and authentic. It will go faster because you have someone to hold you accountable. Someone to help you celebrate your wins and learn from your losses. Someone who will remind you of the deep well of power that resides in you and not let you play small. Someone who will help you recognize your true passion and create your life in ways that support it.

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Whatever you want to do, do it now.
There are only so many tomorrows.
~ Michael Landon

So, it’s time to move forward. How would that look for YOU? Here are a few of the things that have brought others to Forward Momentum, LLC:

  • Create a change in your career
  • Start your own business
  • Step up in your career path to the next level
  • Eliminate things in your life that no longer serve you
  • Relocate to a place that brings you closer to your soul
  • Connect (or re-connect) to those who are important who have drifted away
  • Set new financial goals
  • Find more time to enjoy life

As a Coach, I help my clients bring their life into focus and determine what will really fulfill them. Whether I'm working with an executive, a professional, a career changer, or an entrepreneur, the process is the same: Through powerful questioning, listening, visioning and holding my client's agenda, together we make progress toward the client living a life that is more fulfilling. We examine their values to determine a course of action that can help them realize life's richness.

You don't have to live life of restlessness and discontent. Life can be rich and meaningful.

We may worry about death but what hurts the soul most
is to live without tasting the water of its own essence.
~ Rumi

Are You Ready for Forward Momentum?

The most telling trait of a person who is ready for coaching is their energy level. If you find that you are dragging, or conversely, hyper, or that you’re getting too little sleep, or conversely, sleeping all the time, then your body is telling you that your life is out of balance. Something is not right in your world. It’s time to make a change.

Besides the messages from your body, you also know it is time for a change when you don’t laugh very often. Life is not joyous. You spend too much time in front of the TV or use other ways to escape your life. Your creativity level has dropped.

Coaching can get you into motion and reset your energy levels. When you’re ready to make a change, you’re ready for coaching.

Who are the Clients of Forward Momentum, LLC?

  • highly functioning adults who are ready to make changes happen in their life.
  • willing to search for and find their own momentum.
  • willing to forego the surface and look for the grain in their own wood
  • willing to examine their values and to play with possibilities.

    These clients use coaching to clarify and intensify their lives and to create their own - Forward Momentum.

"Debra's skill in creating a safe environment to express concerns and goals
enabled me to be honest with myself. Her guidance enabled me to move
forward at work and in my personal life to create environments
that support my creativity and autonomy (two words that had been
lacking in my vocabulary)… She was the catalyst that has helped me
recognize I have values and passions that must be reflected in my professional
and personal lives to lead a fully enriched life."

Dianne M., Public Relations Manger transitioned into Recreational Director

"I always thought I would discover my life's purpose by approaching the
issue in a very methodical manner. Debra helped me find my purpose by
encouraging me to explore my dreams and desires, helping me "play" with
new ideas and concepts, and tapping into my true essence. It has only been
through these flights of fancy that I have begun to know and understand
my real purpose in life."

Linda P., Trainer transitioned into coaching

"Debra DeVilbiss was a wonderful resource as I was making a recent career
transition. Although I have a good understanding of my strengths, weaknesses,
motivators, and long term goals, Debra was extremely helpful in listening to my
ideas and helping me gain clarity about what was really important to me. I often
recommend Debra, and my colleagues have also been pleased with her results.
She is professional, insightful, a reflective listener, and has a natural ability in
assisting client achieve their best."

Carol J., Teacher


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